Tuesday, 27 July 2010

J's Surf & Turf @ Brighton

13 Nov update: Just in case if the restaurant reopen, please read this article before you decide to go there.

Original Post:

It was my sister's birthday on the weekend so we went to J's Surf & Turf at Brighton. Despite what the name and location may suggest, it has nothing to do with surfing. J's Surf & Turf is actually a Japanese restaurant.

I don't know why, the place seems to be quite popular with Indonesians. It's located at a quiet residential street in Brighton and it's nowhere near the beach. Anyway, my sister opted for the buffet option. Rather than going and grabbing what we want to eat, their buffet system is you can order as much as you want from their menu.

It's a Japanese restaurant so obviously we ordered some sushi and sashimi. First plate arrived and it looked pretty good and tasted pretty good.

The tempura prawn and teriyaki and salmon were pretty good too.

We ordered a few other dishes but I must say that those three above were the only ones that I rated, the rest was quite ordinary.

My verdict? Well at $28 per person for buffet Japanese lunch, you can't expect too much. Even my sister said she will be in no hurry to go back to that restaurant again (it's her first time there too, after being recommended by a friend).

If you really like sashimi and happen to be visiting Brighton, then yeah go for it. Otherwise, there are many better places to have lunch in Melbourne.

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elisa said...

looks really good though...but for $28?? and for lunch??? wow

Wills said...

I read that Vancouver is the sushi buffet capital outside Japan, with quality sushi and sashimi and very good price. You guys must be spoiled! Unfortunately we are not so lucky here in Melbourne.