Sunday, 19 September 2010

Williamstown Craft Market

Yes, I know I have written a few posts about Williamstown before. It just happens to be one of our favourite places to visit on a lazy weekend. They have a craft market on the waterfront there on every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Unfortunately Rafa fell asleep just as we got there. Not wanting to disturb his nap, we ended up having fish and chip in the car while waiting for him to wake up.

The craft market is mostly made up of stalls selling homemade products.

We didn't see anything we liked in the market. However, we saw something we liked in one of the shops across the street.

Gelato ice cream :). Strangely enough Rafa hated ice cream, we thought he would like it since he likes yoghurt.

They also have live music performance at the market. Rafa likes the grass so we let him down to explore around while Wenty relaxed and enjoyed the nice day and the music.

Rafa seemed to enjoy the music too and grooved a bit.

I think we often take what we have for granted. We should really be thankful just for the simple facts that all three of us are in good health and we are able to spend time together like this with no worries. We were reminded that not all families are so fortunate, when we saw this piggy bank appeal for families of children with life threatening illnesses.

That feeling was further reinforced when we got home and saw the news about a Victorian family whose son has a severe illness. The dad is going to push his 7 year old son on a wheelchair on a 300km run from Wodonga to Melbourne to raise some fund to pay for medical tests and make their van wheelchair friendly. They had run some marathons before to raise money for Royal Children Hospital and other worthy causes. Very unfortunate but inspirational.

I don't know how a post about Williamstown craft market got so off topic, but I hope some of you appreciate what you have more after reading that. And it never hurts to raise more awareness about good causes like these.

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